Gavin was transferred from the PICU to the pulmonary unit on Sunday afternoon where nurses are specifically trained for respiratory issues. It was very nice to see a lot of our close friends and family come by and visit Gavin especially now that he is in a more “less stricter” unit in the hospital compared to the PICU. His stats look great and his blood gas results also came out very good. Gavin was supposed to be discharged yesterday, but the pulmonary doctor wanted to make sure his BiPap device was all in place and works successfully before releasing Gavin. He is really tolerating the BiPap device and he will only be using it at night which will surely help him get a good night’s sleep. We will repeat the sleep study next month to see if anything changes or if he needs to discontinue the BiPap. Gavin should be discharged later this afternoon and soon he will be finally home- yeah!!! Thank you again for checking in and for all your continued thoughts and prayers. More updates to come.