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Gavin and I are finally boarding-SD here we come!!!


Gavin is still in the PICU. He continues to be on 2 L of oxygen and his heart rate is much better than it was earlier. Because he continues to have these episodes of apnea, the attending physician has ordered an EEG which started since Wednesday morning. For those of you who don’t know, an EEG records the electrical activity of your brain via electrodes that are affixed to your scalp. The results should be in on Thursday. Gavin will also undergo a sleep study while he is still here at Children’s to make sure that he does not have frequent apnea while asleep and desaturated oxygen levels at the same time. Yesterday around 6 pm, Dr. W (Gavin’s SD pulmonologist) came by to see him which was really nice and comforting. It was such a bonus for us to have Dr. W visit Gavin in the PICU so at least he is on the same page with the medical team in DC thus making the medical transition back to San Diego as smooth as possible. It’s been 2 weeks since Gavin has been in the PICU @ Children’s and nearly 3 weeks since we have left SD. Looking forward to coming home soon. Thank you for checking in. More updates to come.

Gavin had a lot of visitors these past few days from friends, family, neighbors, and even from people we did not know, but heard about Gavin’s surgery. The positive energy and love in his recovery room were astonishing. Even the nurses were amazed at how many people came to see Gavin. We appreciate you all for taking the time out.

Dr. Vasquez did a great job. Gavin is currently resting. He is often times uneasy which is our que to give him more pain meds. Right now, he is resting and doing fine.



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