Gavin just got re-intubated a few minutes ago and all went well. He is heavily sedated and his stats look great. We are just waiting for the medical transport team from San Diego to arrive any moment in our PICU room and off we go in our medical jet to SD arriving at Rady’s Children’s Hospital later this afternoon. As of now, I am 99% certain that I will join Gavin in the flight, but in case the pilot has a bad day or feels that it is best for me to fly separately, I have a back up flight later this afternoon (just in case). It’s 101 degrees right now with 100% relative humidity here in DC and it’s going to be even hotter this weekend- perfect timing to come home to SD with mid 70 degree weather. Thank you all for continuing to follow our journey with Gavin. The journey will never stop as we keep on going and I’m glad you are all with us on this journey. Thank you for always praying for Gavin. More updates to come as we arrive back in SD.