Looks like we are still going to be here for another week. Gavin has been doing great as he is breathing on his own with no oxygen assistance, although he had several episodes of apnea. Despite the apnea, he is able to bounce back quickly to great o2 stats. We still have not gotten back the results from his EEG. On Thursday, we spoke to the pulmonologist of Children’s and the next option that was given to us to ensure Gavin would be safely transported would be to do a sleep study to measure his apnea episodes while he is asleep. The results would also determine if Gavin would need to be admitted to the PICU @ San Diego Children’s Hospital or SD Kaiser Medical Center that has no PICU upon arrival to San Diego. The sleep study will not happen until Saturday, which is later this evening and will take place for 8 to 10 hours. The results will not be ready until next Wednesday or Thursday, so yes we will be here for at least another week. The sleep study will also determine if Gavin will need a BiPAP mask, which is a method/ device for distributing positive pressure in the airways to help a person breathe more easily (only as needed) It is nothing invasive really. Ferd may possibly leave earlier to get back to work and luckily since I am on an educator’s schedule (summer vacation), I can stay with my angel as long as needed. Thank you very much again for checking up and for always praying for Gavin. More updates to come.