Gavin is still in the PICU under close monitoring. He was down to 1 L of oxygen and then to room air (breathing on his own) and he was doing great, but a few hours later into the night, he had an episode of apnea and started to desaturate where his oxygen level went slightly low. Today he is back on 2 L of oxygen and is doing great. He is still agitated and sometimes looks very uncomfortable, but this morning as soon as the nurse removed one of his IV on his arm, I was able to hold him while I was sitting on a chair and what do you know, he was able to go to sleep peacefully which was very nice- the last time we saw him sleep like that was when he was intubated and sedated with morphine and versed. We are also very fortunate that his own San Diego Pulmonologist (Dr. W- who happens to be in DC tomorrow for a medical meeting) will be visiting Gavin tomorrow; he will possibly assist the medical team in decisions in terms of medical transport back to San Diego. The goal is for Gavin to fly back to San Diego by next week at the very latest, but of course this all depends on how he does in the next few days. Thank you for reading Gavin’s updates and for praying for his recovery. More updates to come. Praise God!!!