Prayers were surely answered!!! Praise God!!! Thank you everyone for praying for Gavin and for checking up on us. The extubation went well. The anesthesiologist did a great job and the rest of the medical team was very calm and alert. So far, Gavin is doing fine and his o2 stats are great. He is doing well breathing on his own, but he is very agitated as he is weaning off from his sedation meds. He is on precedex to help with the agitation. It is still a very critical situation so he still needs to remain in PICU to be closely monitored in case he desaturates, but so far he is fine and the likelihood of a tracheostomy is very very slim, but let’s hope and pray it does not ever get that far. The extubation was sooooooo nerve wrecking, but we are so relieved. God was indeed listening to everyone’s prayers. We cannot thank you all enough. This is such an extremely tough and agonizing situation for any parent to endure, but knowing we have God right by our side and all the prayers from wonderful people, we are able to make this through. Gavin-what a warrior. After all the poking and prodding, he still continues to fight. Please continue to pray for Gavin that everything will go well from here on out. Not sure how long we will be here in DC, but we hope to be home soon. More updates to come