Gavin is back at the PICU heavily sedated because kids who have a breathing tube must be very still. His o2 stats and heart rate look great and he is resting comfortably. Our good friends, Boots and Peter took us out for dinner and to see 4th of July fireworks right by the Capitol, which was a nice short break from the hospital. Tomorrow, July 5th will be a critical day as he will be sent to the OR and extubated and seen by the ENT surgeon and team of doctors. Once they figure out the tightening of the muscles, they will decide from there what will be the next steps for Gavin. Worst case scenario is that they will do a tracheostomy on Gavin- a surgery we hope can be prevented. This boy goes through so much, but is such a brave warrior. Please continue to pray for Gavin. We really need everyone to unite and pray for Gavin. Thank you!