I hope you all are enjoying the holidays and the upcoming new year. Our Christmas went very well as we spent it with good family and friends here in San Diego. Gavin is doing ok for the most part. Everyday is always different; sometimes he will have good days and sometimes bad days too. During the week of Christmas, his secretions were very overwhelming. He stayed up all night coughing as it was hard for him to swallow his saliva. It was as if he was choking on his saliva so Ferd and I stayed up using a suction pump to help with Gavin’s secretions. It was a bit of a scare, but Gavin is fine. This New Years Eve, he is doing well and quite happy. Lately, Gavin has been practicing his walking using his “gait trainer” which is an equipment similar to a walker, but with straps and lots of support for his body. He currently weighs 36 lb. and continues to smile and laugh. We all look forward to 2010 as we hope the new year will bring Miracles to Gavin.