On Saturday, November 28, 2009 (Bella’s actual 1st Birthday), we had planned to celebrate Gavin and Bella’s birthday party at the park in our neighborhood in 4S Ranch. A few days before the party, we had searched the weather forecast and boy was it not in our favor. Ironically, the day before and the day after the party had a climate forecast of beautiful weather, but it had to be the day of the party when the rain decided to pour and in so long, mind you as the last time it rained in San Diego was in June of 2009. We decided to chance it. Gavin’s Godmother Len and my cousin Jerald began setting up and decorating the gazebo at the park as it was still cloudy, but an hour before the party, it was raining mad. Luckily several of our good friends took down all the decor and grabbed all the stuff for the party and headed to our house- it was crazy, but we managed transferring everything in under 20 minutes. So yes, the party ended up at our house (in the garage) at the very last minute. The beauty of it all was that so many people still came despite the rain and last minute ordeal. The party turned out wonderful. The kids and their parents seemed to really enjoy despite the on and off drizzle. Sara from CCMA music studio came by to sing songs for the kids. The kids also enjoyed all the games from musical chairs, freeze dance and the pinata fight. Gavin and Bella probably didn’t know what was going on, but they were awesome troopers that day. Ed Cardenas from SDGE (a co-worker of our friend Jay) also shared a few inspiring words and gesture that he started a Christmas wreath fundraiser on behalf of Gavin. The moment was truly priceless. I guess the rain was a blessing in disguise, a way to bring positive energy to our home. Thank you all to those who came to Gavin and Bella’s Birthday Party. Special thanks to my cousin-in-law, Patrick for being the photographer that day and for my sister-in-law Tess for picking up the food down south 😛 Most especially thank you to all who continue to keep Gavin in their thoughts and prayers.