On Halloween morning, we all drove to Malibu to meet Howard Wills- a world renowned spiritual healer who resides in Kauai, Hawaii. He was in the LA area for the month of October and will continue to travel to other destinations for spiritual healing. We was very excited to meet Gavin. Florence, a good family friend of ours, went with us to meet Howard. We met him on an ocean front townhouse literally overlooking the beautiful waves of the beach. Howard did his healing and prayer session with Gavin for about 20 minutes on a balcony where all you could see and hear were ocean waves. He then asked Gavin to walk. Gavin took a few steps, but was hesitant. We didn’t expect a miracle on the spot, but what we did notice was Gavin’s hands being able to stretch out which he was not able to do these past few days. The interesting thing is, like all of the alternative doctors and healers that we have met along the way, Howard believes that vaccines may have been the cause to heighten Gavin’s condition. Scientifically speaking, this would be considered nonsense as Gavin’s disease was caused solely by two genetic faulty mutations. We can’t look back and regret having Gavin vaccinated as all we can do is focus towards what is ahead of us which we believe will be a positive outcome for Gavin. The experience with Howard left us with the notion to continue having positive thoughts and prayers that focus on Gavin being cured. As we left the townhouse, I asked Howard one last question… “Do you believe my son will be cured?” and Howard said, “yes I believe he will be cured, but it starts with you believing.”